Explainer Videos, blackboard videos, Cartoon, Audio Editing and Voice overs

BlackBoard and HandScribe Videos

BlackBoard and HandScribe Videos

Educate and entertain the universe. Have your audience following your story with a handscribe video including a voice over or music with your message.
Cartoon messages

Audio Clean-up, effects, background music

Your voice should portray a clean representation of your message with confidence. Let me clean-up your audio by reducing hums, plosives and background noises and add music. Let your voice be a positve image.

Cartoon messages

No more boring presentations! Display content that brings on the curiousity of wanting more with cartoons. We will build a visual message that captivates and holds your audiences attention.
Audio Clean-up, effects, background music

Greenscreen, image and text add-ons

Make your video pop with the wow factor. Let me add or create a greenscreen then add images and text while you build an online relationship with video. I do remote greenscreen shots within Kitchener, Waterloo Ontario area.
Greenscreen, image and text add-ons

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine!

Tell your story with video.

Click on the images in portfolio below for video and audio samples.


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